What Hashtags Are Trending Right Now 2020

What Hashtags Are Trending Right Now 2020

Trending Twitter Today Worldwide

What's trending on Twitter right now? Now you can very easily know through Trendchirp. If you're looking for the latest trends on Twitter it can be hard to find. So if you want to know what hashtags are popular on Twitter, you need to look at the hashtag cloud (a list of related terms that links words together with hashtags) in the Trending section

Common Skin Problems in Cats

Has your feline come down with a case of the itchy-scratchies? A feline who is incessantly scratching, rubbing, chewing, or licking may be suffering from one of these common skin conditions in cats.Signs of Skin Conditions in Cats Some of the most noticeable signs of skin issues in cats are how a cat responds to the affliction.The signs can vary depending on what’s causing the condition.

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15 Biggest NFT Influencers of 2021

Keep up with these leading lights of the NFT movement to hear about the next movers and shakers in the red-hot non-fungible token space.Sorting the wheat from the chaff in the blazing-hot non-fungible token (NFT) market calls for expertise.NFTs existed before 2021, but this year they went mainstream.

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Do more with Twitter data 0.1 documentation

In this inaugural post, we’ll introduce data collection, filtering, parsing, and summarizing.This post is not meant to be a tutorial in Python or the PyData ecosystem and assumes that readers have a reasonable amount of technical sophistication, such that they could find the right Tweets for their use case in any language or framework.Understanding the business need behind a question is paramount.

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7 Of The Most Popular Cat Related Twitter Accounts - Pet Blog

Social media is a great way to promote your love for kittens, and some did it before others.However, we managed to research most of the cat-related Twitter accounts, and we found there are some pretty good ones.Some accounts are more than inspiring, and some earned their way to the top 7 with their uniqueness.

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Intelligent cat door utilizes Twitter, RFID masterfully

What goes well with a communication-enabled water dish? Why, a Twitter / RFID-enabled kitty door, of course! The so-called Tweeting Cat Door is undoubtedly the most hilarious, insightful and useful DIY contraption we've ever seen to wed RFID, social networking and computer programming.Essentially, this homegrown cat door was crafted to only open when Gus or Penny walks up with their super special RFID tags; once they approach, a mounted camera snaps a picture and uploads it (along with a quip) to Twitter.Don't deny it -- your feline is steaming with envy from the corner of your desk right now.

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How Black People Use Twitter

As far as I can tell, the Twitter hashtag #wordsthatleadtotrouble got started at about 11 a.As far as I can tell, the Twitter hashtag #wordsthatleadtotrouble got started at about 11 a.On Twitter, people append hashtags to categorize their messages—the tags make it easier to search for posts on a certain topic, and they can sometimes lead to worldwide call-and-response conversations in which people compete to outdo one another with ever more hilarious, bizarre, or profane posts.

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5 Tips on Leveraging TikTok for Animal Shelters and Rescues

TikTok has continued to be an increasingly popular platform, surpassing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in monthly downloads.If you’re not already on TikTok, consider creating an account to snatch up your shelter or rescue’s username.There are constantly exciting new trends and challenges popping up on TikTok.

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Doja Cat steals the show in fiery new “Vegas” music video

This month, “ELVIS,” the long-awaited musical drama about the life and career of the rock icon, is set to hit theaters.You ain’t nothing but a Dog? Player, I get it Fraud? Player, I get it I understand, I understand/ You ain’t the man, you ain’t a man you ain’t nothing but a/ Hound dog, hound dog, hound dog/ You ain’t nothing but Player gettin’ valet’d ’round in that whole whipTwo fingers up, one down, and my toes ten flewed out, my boobs out, put a cork in it/ Love it when you be cryin’ out when I’m court sitted I don’t think he gon’ make it, do not make me start ragin’/ Bitch, I’m losin’ my patience, this ain’t stayin’ in Vegas

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5 Real Examples of Folksonomy - Blog de BismartDoja Cat’s Racy New Bikini Photos Bring Out The Thirst In Fans On Twitter

Doja Cat‘s mischievous ways have always been known to get Twitter all riled up, but her latest posts are living up to the lyrics of her breakout 2018 viral hit “Mooo!” Her milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard, and they’re bringing their thirstiest comment with them.The Planet Her rapper/singer shared a pair of racy bikini photos on Twitter, where they’re getting plenty of attention.Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to do so live for a while.

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A Complete List Of Banned Hashtags You Should Avoid In 2022c

Banned hashtags are hashtags that Instagram users have reported because the posts using them go against Instagram’s guidelines.Most users wouldn’t post inappropriate content with otherwise innocent hashtags.Banned hashtags are always changing, based on community reports and Instagram’s investigations.

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Catecoin Climbs to 10 Most Mentioned Cryptocurrency Coins on Twitter | Cat-Themed Coin to Replace Dog-Themed Coins?

With dog-themed coins running the town with Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and now Floki Inu all being on the radar of numerous traders and investors, it seems like a cat-themed coin has climbed in.For a couple of months, there have been no cats in sight when it came to memecoins.The Twitter account CryptoRank Platform shared the top 10 coins that were mentioned on Twitter throughout the first week of November.

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High tech: Identifying lost pets with microchips

Despite your best efforts, accidents can happen.To protect their pets, many owners turn to technology, in the form of identification microchips implanted in their pets.Microchips are a good back-up option for pet identification, but should never be the main one.

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5 of the Best Dry Cat Food Brands, According to Experts

As the old saying goes, cats have nine lives.Along with the plethora of cat food companies, there’s a mountain of information to digest to figure out what to feed your tabby.But when it comes to planning your cat’s diet, taurine isn't the only thing that matters; there are several other important factors to keep in mind.

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What Are Hashtags and How Do You Use Them?

As a business owner, you probably promote your work on social media.While reading social media posts or tweets, do you notice pound signs followed by strings of words stuck on the endings? Those are hashtags.What are hashtags used for? Hashtags are used on social media platforms to sort posts into larger conversations that anyone can follow or contribute to.

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A Storm of Tweets: Social Media Manipulation During the Gulf

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were heralded circa 2009–2011 as ‘liberation technology’ that would facilitate mass mobilization against Middle Eastern authoritarians.In this article, however, we present evidence from the ongoing Gulf Crisis (2017-present) that regimes can now exploit Twitter as an outlet for political propaganda.We further present evidence that this manipulation is aimed at securing organic participation from supportive publics.

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Pet Stress Has Increased During COVID-19, Bringing Behavior Problems

A veterinary behaviorist discusses why the new stay-at-home normal is hard on cats and dogs—and shares tips for fostering healthy behaviors for us all As the COVID-19 pandemic closes many schools for the rest of the year and confines nonessential workers and the unemployed to staying at home, many of us are going a little stir crazy, not to mention experiencing feelings of anxiety about what the future holds.But dogs and cats aren’t equipped to process what has happened or to guess how to adapt.

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Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center hosting volunteer event to help with influx of pets

ROSEBURG, Ore.The adoption center said today that local animal control contacted them about three evictions that left numerous cats behind.Saving Grace says what they need the most are new volunteers to help them take care of their animals.

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Lost / Found Pet | Maricopa County, AZ

Go to our Stray Animal map tool.Keep looking.Use social media, Nextdoor, Craigslist, and other free networking sources to get the word out about your pet.

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Fact check: Debunking false viral tweets about Abbott and Cruz after Texas mass shooting

In the wake of the Tuesday mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas, Twitter users went viral by making false claims about two of the state's most prominent politicians: Gov.On Thursday, a Twitter account going by the handle "My Cancer Journey" posted a three-tweet tale that was shared tens of thousands of times by others on Twitter before it was deleted.The tweets purported to be written by someone whose nephew was shot in the massacre at Robb Elementary School.

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Need a dog? Nebraska Humane Society's kennels are full

The Nebraska Humane Society is putting out a plea to get more than 100 dogs adopted from the Omaha shelter.Shelter officials like to keep the number of available dogs at 50 to 60.Part of the reason for the lack of cats could be shelter renovations that now let the public interact with cats more easily.

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Animal Tracks: Shelter has pets in need of homes

There are lots of dogs and cats at the Dothan Animal Shelter in need of good homes.To find out more about these or other animals, call the shelter at 334-615-4620.Save-A-Pet helps find homes for animals at the Dothan Animal Shelter and can also provide information on how to be a sponsor, volunteer, donate items, or how to foster animals.

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AWLA Pet Photo Contest Launches

One of Alexandria's most popular photo contests launched Wednesday.The calendar is one of the organization's biggest fundraisers.Every pet photo is included in the calendar, and every registrant gets a free calendar.

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Dorothy O'Connor pet center offers furry friends, education

Kennel assistant Jordyn Welch can’t get enough of loving on Mikey, a “hound dog” available for adoption at the Dorothy O’Connor Pet Adoption Center, which boasts being the “longest serving animal shelter in Victoria County.“He’s just such a lovable dog.Mikey is just a couple months over a year old and loves to socialize with everyone at the shelter, human or otherwise.

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Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge share engagement party photos

Sofia Richie shared photos from her recent engagement party on social media, while letting fans know that she is “obsessed” with her fiancé, Elliot Grainge.“Obsessed with you @elliot,” the model captioned a carousel of photos from the couple’s chic celebration on Sunday.Other shots showed a gorgeous tablescape, a tiered cake with floral adornments, a massive charcuterie board and a drink menu with cocktails honoring the future bride and groom’s specific tastes.

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Animals for adoption | Feature Story | reflector

The Pitt County Animal Services Pet of the Week is Ginger, a large, adult female hound mix.The animal shelter, located at 4550 County Home Road, is open weekdays by appointment.The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Pet of the Week is Willa, a large, young female Great Pyrenees mix.

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Letter: Take time to consider pets and preparedness

June’s Adopt-a-Cat Month is the “purr-fect” time to rescue a companion! They may be America’s “most popular pet,” but our country’s felines desperately need our help.As I urge you to rescue a cat or kitten at your local animal shelter, there are various factors involved when introducing a new pet into your home.June is also National Pet Disaster Preparedness Month, and while you should be prepared for pet emergencies year-round, now is a great time to update your emergency plan and refresh your pet disaster kit — hopefully to include items for your newly adopted cat or kitten!

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Cat of the week: Emma

Emma is a 9-year-old lady.On the sweet side, if you are a gentle person, she’s likely to be curious to get to know you.On the sassy side, she may give you a clawless little swat if you do something she doesn’t appreciate.

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Spend time with your cat outside with a catio

It’s officially spring! The birds are chirping, the bunnies are hopping, the squirrels are scurrying – and your cat is most likely glued to cat TV, aka your windows and doors, just trying to keep up with the local critter social scene.What is a catio? Catios are enclosures that allow indoor cats to safely get a taste of the great outdoors.Are you a builder? Consider constructing your own catio! Make sure your design will give your cat access to shade, includes durable screen materials, and is made using pet-safe paint and building materials.

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Timechain allegedly attempts to falsely blame missing money

Animoon is yet another Pokémon rip-off NFT project, with artwork that was ripped directly from Pokémon artwork and recolored.Not only did their roadmap include play-to-earn game (of course), collaborations with a Swiss shoe and apparel store that would send them actual gear, and real-life trips, but they promised that 15 "legendary" cards would "automatically generate" their owners $2,500 each month, for life.The project team began to grow more distant after launch, posting less frequently.

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Sarah Ramsey, top thoroughbred breeder and owner, dies at 83

Sarah Ramsey, who along with her husband Ken bred and raced multiple Breeders' Cup champions and won a leading 510 races at Churchill Downs, has died.“It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Sarah Kathern Ramsey,” Churchill Downs president Mike Anderson said Monday night.The couple built their fortune through investments in radio and cellphones.

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