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Best Portable Car GPS Navigation Systems

Wouldn’t you know it, but there are many types of portable GPS navigation systems that can be very useful to those who have a busy driving schedule. They can work with smartphones, use apps for touch screens, or in the event that you’re out of range for your car’s built-in navigation, they can continue even after the engine is turned off. If you’re interested in learning more about these handheld devices and what might be the best fit for you, we’ve put together this post all about best portable car GPS navigation systems.

There are a lot of different options out there and many people will find comfort in knowing they have found the perfect tool to meet their needs and wants. Hopefully, what we have to say will assist you in making the right choice and it can be a bit tough to make that choice. If you’re interested in portable car GPS navigation systems, it is worth your time.

We will begin by going over some of the best portable car GPS navigation systems for your consideration. While many of these devices are extremely similar, there are different features as well as different overall quality that some people prefer over others. We’ll cover those first and then discuss what makes them unique so you know exactly why you should consider them or not consider them for your driving needs. That will help help you make the decision that’s best for you.

Portable Car GPS Navigation System Options and Products to Consider

Garmin DriveSmart 60: If you’re shopping around for something similar, then this might be another good choice for best portable car GPS navigation system. As the name implies, this device is meant to be used with your car. This means it will not work if you’re out of range for your means of navigation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a standalone device. It does include free lifetime map updates so that’s something you’ll definitely want to look at when shopping around for something similar. You should also note that it does not have the ability to control text messages or connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but you will be able to use voice commands with this device. It will also notify you of your location and if you’re looking for a unit that can link up to your smartphone in order to take advantage of the apps and features already there, then this might be the perfect choice for you. You can find more about this device by reading our review.

Navigon S5: This one is a good one too. It’s not clear if they’re similar in features so it might be worth taking a look at the options above and below to do some research before making your decision.

TomTom Via 2525M: If you just need something super basic for your vehicle, this is what you might want to check out. If you’re looking for something similar, then you might want to consider one of the options above. This is a basic device that includes some basic features, such as hands free calling and text messaging so you can keep your hands on the wheel while using them. If you want to know more about this device, then be sure to check out our reviews linked above.

Magellan RoadMate 50: If you’re shopping around for something similar, then this might be another good alternative to consider. You do get your own SD card so you might be able to take advantage of that feature if you don’t already have a large one already loaded with maps from what is provided by Garmin. There are some extras worth checking out if you’re looking for something similar. You will be able to get hands free calling and text messaging as well as smart driving features and a few others to make the navigation more efficient. It’s a decent alternative that is not quite as expensive as some of the higher end options, so this might be a good choice if you’re trying to save money while shopping around for something similar.

Magellan RoadMate 30: If you want something similar with some more features, then this might be an alternative worth considering. Like with any of the other devices on this list, there are pros and cons when using them while driving. You might want to do some research before deciding on what is right for you. You will get hands free calling and text messaging features so it does have that capability. It also gives you the option to use voice commands while driving so it might be a good choice if you usually like having that capability when driving around town. If you’re interested in this device, then be sure to check out our reviews linked above.

TomTom Via 1435M: This is a good alternative as well. Like with any of the other devices on this list, there are pros and cons when using them while driving. You might want to do some research before deciding on what is right for you. You will get hands free calling and text messaging so it does have that capability. It also gives you the option to use voice commands while driving so it might be a good choice if you usually like having that capability when driving around town. If you’re interested in this device, then be sure to check out our reviews linked above.

Garmin Nuvi: This is a great option for some of the features it offers. You will get hands free calling, text messaging and a few other extras as well as traffic updates, lifetime map updates and smart guidance when heading to small towns or places where there’s only one road in or out at a time. You can also get hands free calling and text messaging from your smartphone as well. If you’re interested in this device, then be sure to check out our reviews linked above.

Garmin Nuvi 55: This might be a good option for some people but we would prefer to avoid it. It’s pricier than some of the others and it doesn’t do voice activation so that would be something extra that you won’t have access to with this device. However, if you want something similar with more features, then this might be an alternative worth considering.

If you’re looking for something similar and it’s a lower cost alternative, then you might consider this option as well. Like with any Nuvi, there are pros and cons to using them while driving so self-driving with these devices might not always be recommended or something that works just fine with everyone. If you enjoy having the ability to use the voice recognition feature, then this might be a good choice for you. This one has hands free calling and text messaging so it does have some of those features we mentioned as well. It has free lifetime map updates but you will need to purchase your own SD card in order to save data on it. There’s a pre-loaded, low cost lifetime traffic avoidance feature so that is something you’ll get as well.

This is a decent option. It doesn’t have voice recognition features but it includes some basic features such as the ability to use text messaging without having to hold down any buttons while driving. You also get safety camera detection, which can be a useful feature to have. It’s a bit cheaper than some of the other options out there and it does have free lifetime map updates.

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Platform Updates – Mid January ’13

Today Modulus is proud to announce a whole bundle of updates to the platform and tools we provide.


After many requests, pricing has been announced. We even created a neat widget to estimate your monthly bill (WebproComponents). Pricing is all preliminary and we definitely want your feedback.

Auto-Redirect SSL

On your project dashboard, you will now see the option to automatically redirect non-ssl requests to ssl. Once enabled, all requests made to your application using non-SSL routes will automatically be redirected to the https version of the same route with a 302 response code.

Modulus IRC

We love to get feedback and love to talk to you guys about what you expect and want out of a service like ours. In order to keep this tradition going, we have fired up our own Modulus IRC channel with freenode.

#modulus irc.freenode.net Webclient: http://irc-5518.onmodulus.net

CLI Updates

Get Project Logs

Displays the last 500 lines of log data.

$ modulus project logs

Deploy Directory Path

Deploys a directory other than the current directory. The path is optional. Leaving it off will deploy the current directory. Feature requested by Adam Daniels (@fritzthemonkey).

$ modulus deploy "/my/custom/path"

Infrastructure Improvements

We also made a few updates to our infrastructure to help improve performance and responsiveness.

  • Load balancer performance significantly increased.
  • Database performance significantly increased.
  • Connectivity issues causing stuck deploys resolved.
  • Improved reliability of uploading projects using the CLI.
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A Laundry List of Expenses

I’m amazed at how much money we have spent getting sucked into conveniences. The same can be said for the convenience of home shopping for foods. Most shopping stops would set us back $400. Worse, when we moved a few weeks ago and had to unplug our extra freezer, in which I’d stored all of this bulk fish and chicken, I found pounds and pounds of frozen fish that I had had great intentions of cooking but never got around to doing so.

One of the last conveniences that I think is about to go on the chopping block is the delivery dry cleaning services. He was now expected to wear a shirt and tie on most days, and since we couldn’t remember the last time we’d used an iron–or even where it was–it was time to start sending out Bill’s shirts.

Mind you, using this service is not tremendously expensive: we spend about $1.25 per shirt and send out, maybe, 10 shirts a week. However, in the course of this move, a couple of things happened.

The less interaction the better. One of the last conveniences that I think is about to go on the chopping block is the delivery dry cleaning services. I like having a check list of things to do or that are already done for each day. About two years ago we started using a local company that picks up and delivers our dry cleaing every Monday and Thursday, because my recently promoted husband couldn’t get away with polo shirts at work anymore.

Events get entered in advance, with directions or specifics in that same place or at the very least, a note telling me where to find them. I love my moleskin agenda and my Yahoo calendar that is attached to my email. Any more specific than that and I don’t use it.

Sounds like you have something exciting in the works, however. I can’t wait to find out what! I think my big problem is that I know I need something, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I know I want something computer based, since I’m on the computer so much. Web based would be ideal, but if I could put it on a jump drive that would be OK. I think I really need something that will clearly help me organize my time, set some goals, and break down my goals into manageable pieces. Keeping track of different business/blogging related projects/advertising deals in an organized manner is a must. And if it helps me with my email, even better (that may be asking a lot though). I need something with reminders…email or twitter.

If it helps me organize my menu planning and cleaning, that’s great, but I’m actually pretty good at managing the house, so it’s a plus, but not necessary.

How am I doing so far? And if you find (or make) a good system, let me know. I’m looking for one.I wish I had something that would remind me of ideas that I have during the day, especially when I don’t have something to write them on!

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Clean house every night

I clean my house every night after my two toddlers are in bed. That includes washing dishes, sweeping and mopping, etc. That way I can work during the night in a clean house and in the morning, we all get up to neat place . . . though it only stays that way for about five seconds!

The do it as you go method really is good, but I find it just isn`t possible all the time. I do try to wipe sticky messes immediately, but to tell you the truth, this is more so my kids don`t track it around the house than because I don`t want to scrub later!

I brush my dog every other day, and sweep my floors on the days the dog doesn’t get brushed I swear that I cant figure out why she’s not bald!).

 If I cant wash the dishes immediately I at least rinse and stack in preparation for when I can wash. Puting the flatware in one of the glasses or cups filled with water keeps them from crusting up. You can buy this stuff from wish. You can put the dish soap in the glass too and when you’re ready to wash up put the glass under the tap while the sink is filling.

Multi-tasking rules!!!!

This is a subject I talk about in all my time management workshops… I call it Use Every Five Minutes or Tiny Time. It is soooo much easier to do the small things right when you notice them than to wait until later. It’s like the difference between doing ten sit-ups each morning, or doing 70 all at once at the end of the week. I know that’s a strange analogy, but you get the point. Great post!

I would have to agree with a few exceptions. I find that it is much easier to clean up spaghetti and cake if I let it sit for a day. Then in dries up and it is much easier to sweep up.

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10 Ways to Cut Out Budget Sponges

We all have one or two (or 10) unhealthy financial habits we cling to, no matter how difficult times may get. We manage to convince ourselves these little indulgences are a necessity. The fact is, however, our financial and physical health would likely be greatly improved by ditching these budget sponges. What better time to make a clean break than at the start of a new year?

Diskonio has compiled a list of 10 ways you can cut your budget without entering a monastery.

1. Thank you for Not Smoking
Nicotine addicts with a pack-a-day habit see more than $1,600 go up in smoke each year, and that’s not even counting the medical costs associated with turning your lungs into the La Brea Tar Pits. Fill your face with nicotine gum, join a 12-step program, go to a hypnotist, stick on a patch — whatever it takes to clean up your act and boost your budget.

2. Cut the Coke
Forget dogs: Water is man’s best friend. Even if you buy pop by the 12-pack, you’re racking up hundreds of dollars yearly for this unhealthy vice. Cut out this liquid sweet and save close to $300 (or more for hard core fiends). Rather than buy expensive bottled water, however, invest in a quality water bottle and fill it from the tap.

3. Lovely Lattes
It escapes me why millions of Americans fork over $4 each day for a cup of caffeine. That adds up to more than $1,000 per year — without tip! Cut back to just three drinks a week and save roughly $650 per year. Better yet, consider brewing up a thermos full of homemade coffee and enjoy it throughout the day.

4. Shut It Off
Every evening I circle our office and turn off electronics. It drives me nuts to see all that energy being wasted, but many of us continue t leave our computers running all the time, simply because it’s more convenient. Next time you buy a computer, consider an Energy Star model, which uses only 15 watts per hour in sleep mode. (A typical desktop computer uses about 65 to 250 watts per hour.) The same goes for lights, power strips, etc.

5. Fine-tune Your TV Bill
You may have initially signed up for a basic cable or satellite TV package, but those bills have a way of slowly creeping up: HBO shows looks so interesting, you can’t see the sports you want on basic cable, and you might as well add more kid channels while you’re at it. Soon you’re shelling out over $100 per month for premium channels. Stick to the basic channels or, better yet, turn off the TV and read a book (from the library, of course).

6. FACs
It’s the end of the week and we’re sooooo ready to head out for a little Friday Afternoon Club. Unfortunately, happy hour prices have steadily snuck up until they’re not really all that happy. Invest that money in a club membership, gather at a friend’s house or make sure you stick to one happy-hour-priced drink. Extra benefit: You’ll avoid the high cost of a DUI (averaging $5,000 to $20,000!).

7. Use It or Lose It
Many of us start the year intending to hit the health club at least three to four times per week. By March, you could swing a barbell in a lot of gyms and never hit a soul. A one-year membership may seem cheaper in the long run but it’s best to try a month-to-month deal until you’ve turned those good intentions into a real lifestyle change.

8. Quit Driving Like a Jack Rabbit
It’s not a race. You can cut your gas budget by 30 percent if you stop revving your engine, speeding like you’re at Daytona and making jack-rabbit starts. Here’s an even better idea: Drive the speed limit in the city and 60 mph on the highway, then I won’t be the only one receiving dirty looks from speeding cars.

9. Cook!
Over-packaged, over-processed and over-advertised foods also are over priced. Sure they save time, but they’re a killer at the cash register. The closer a food is to its natural state, the less it tends to cost and the healthier it is for you. While you’re at it, bring lunches and snacks to work, instead of pumping money into vending machines and restaurant coffers.

10. Stop the Shoe Madness
Nobody needs as many shoes (or purses) as Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. Shopping for clothes and accessories shouldn’t be a form of entertainment. Find out what suits your shape and style and vow to shop only for classic styles that will look good next year.

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Dream Anniversary Date in Chicago

My husband and I have been married for 16 years, have 3 kids, a house, jobs. To put it mildly, life is crazy busy, which is not always of my liking. Sure, I thrive in organized chaos, but every once in a while (okay often) I crave for a moment of peace.

I got that moment this weekend!

There’s something so magical about writing down a goal. It makes it real, brings it to the forefront of the mind, and makes us aware of opportunities we might otherwise have ignored.

One of the items on my list of 100+ dreams was to start traveling with my husband. In our 16 years of marriage we’ve taken one true vacation, our honey moon. We had a weekend in Arizona without the kids several years ago, while my mother in law was going through Chemo, which was not romantic in any way. We had plans to go away on our 15th anniversary, but a tight budget and crazy-busy schedule got in the way.

So when I saw a deal on Groupon for a hotel in Chicago, I hesitated momentarily and then thought, “Why not? We could have a night together, without the kids, in the city we had so much fun dating in!” My hope was to plan a Valentine’s day getaway.

Like any goal, the minute I stepped into action on it, challenges started to appear. We had to complete our stay before March 31st, and between our own work/travel schedules and my mom’s travel schedule which consumed most of February, there was only one available weekend which was less than a week away.

The restaurant we wanted to have dinner at, was booked and didn’t have a reservation open until 9:30 pm. The theater tickets I wanted weren’t available for the date I wanted, etc. We ended up getting reservations at The Signature Room at the 95th floor of the John Hancock building, just a couple of blocks from the hotel and we figured we’d play the rest by ear.

Well after a comfortable train ride into the city and a funny cab driver, we arrived at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel located on block East of Michigan Ave. After my husband mentioned we were here to celebrate our belated anniversary, we received a surprise free upgrade upon check-in to a suite with a jacuzzi tub! Happy Anniversary! The 1920′s hotel was beautifully decorated with dark woodwork, frosted glass doors, marble bathroom, luxurious bed…and did I mention the jacuzzi tub? 🙂

Dinner was nothing short of a gift as well. They did not have a window table available when we arrived, so they sent us up to the lounge on the 96th floor for drinks and appetizers. I celebrated with a yummy Peach Cosmo and an artisan cheese platter with blueberry chutney. My husband had a Goose Island beer. (One of our first dates was to Goose Island!)

When we were seated at our table, I actually had to hold back my emotions. I wanted to cry because the view so absolutely breathtaking. We were on the South East corner of the building overlooking the majority of the city, the Lake Michigan Shore including Navy Pier and strange as it may sound the lights on the horizon actually shimmered and twinkled. It had to be the best table in the restaurant, and I’m not exaggerating in any way! Words cannot express how amazed I felt at our good fortune to have the weekend start off with so many wonderful surprises.

The rest of the weekend was equally romantic, and this overwhelmed mom, truly enjoyed dozing in a long, quiet bubble bath with a glass of wine and sleeping in until 9:00 am and lots of time alone with her guy!

One dream completed…way beyond my dreams!

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