Author: Linda Clevenger

2018 Dreams and Goals List

I mentioned in my previous post “Got Dreams? Get a Dream Manager,” that I’m working with a dream manager at work to help me clarify and achieve the goals I want to work toward.  It’s an awesome program…

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Got Dreams? Get a Dream Manager

I’m participating in the dream manager program my company offers, where I meet with our dream manager who helps me sort through the things I want to accomplish and fulfill the dreams I have for both my family…

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Blogging My Weight

I was on the rooftop of a hotel in downtown LA at a book signing party when I met the woman who inspired this blog.  You know the connection you feel when you meet someone whose story is…

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“Thank You, Turkey, for Letting Us Eat Your Legs”

No Picture

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and the highlight of my weekend (by far) will be my almost 4 year old son contributing to the family prayer, “Thank you, Turkey, for letting us eat your legs.” It will be something I…

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