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“Thank You, Turkey, for Letting Us Eat Your Legs”

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and the highlight of my weekend (by far) will be my almost 4 year old son contributing to the family prayer, “Thank you, Turkey, for letting us eat your legs.”

It will be something I laugh about forever, I’m sure, but what I loved most was seeing how easily he found something to be thankful for in the moment.

It’s natural this time of year to reflect on what we’re grateful for, but I find myself being thankful for the things of another time; an experience from the past or an opportunity in the future.  I’m grateful for my family, friends, job, and home.  I’m grateful for my challenges and opportunities to grow.  I have never focused on finding gratitude in the moment.

I’m Giving up Typical Gratitude:

In the past I’ve kept a gratitude journal where I wrote down a few things each day that I was thankful for, but I’ve gotten lazy with it.  I’ve been as inconsistent with it as I’ve been with the laundry lately.

Sometimes, I will write down things I’m thankful for about in the gratitude area of my day planner, but this week, in the crunch of Black Friday–the busiest time of the year for my job–the real estate in my day planner has been used as an extension of my to-do list.

Challenging Myself to Find Unexpected Moments of Thankfulness:

So as I write my first post on my brand new blog I am setting a challenge for myself to find one thing of gratitude, in the moment, each day this week.  I am setting a gratitude alarm on my phone to go off at random times each day this week to remind me to stop and find something, in the moment that I’m thankful for.

So I don’t let the moments or my gratitude slip by, I will email them to myself, post them on my Facebook status, jot them in my day planner, or leave them on my voice mail.  At the end of the week, I’ll share them here on the blog in a gratitude section.

Will you join me this week?

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