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How To Prevent Eye Boogers From Forming In The First Place

How To Prevent Eye Boogers From Forming In The First Place

Eye boogers, otherwise known as sleep in the corner of your eye, can be quite annoying. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also be difficult to remove. Here are a few tips to help prevent them from forming in the first place.

Keep your hands clean.

Wash your hands regularly, especially before you touch your eyes. This will help to keep any potential irritants or bacteria from getting into your eyes and causing problems.

Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes can irritate the delicate skin around them and make you more susceptible to developing eye boogers. If you must rub your eyes, be sure to do so gently.

Use a humidifier.

If the air in your home is dry, it can lead to eye irritation and increased eye booger production. Using a humidifier can help to keep the air moist and prevent this problem.

Blink often.

Blinking helps to keep your eyes lubricated and can help to prevent eye boogers from forming. If you find yourself staring at a computer screen or other static object for long periods of time, be sure to take breaks and blink often.

Use artificial tears.

If your eyes are dry, they are more likely to produce eye boogers. Using artificial tears can help to keep your eyes lubricated and prevent this problem.

Try a warm compress.

If you have eye boogers that are particularly stubborn, you may be able to remove them by using a warm compress. Simply wet a washcloth with warm water and hold it over your eyes for a few minutes.

See your doctor.

If you have persistent eye boogers or if they are accompanied by other symptoms, such as redness, pain, or discharge, you should see your doctor. They can determine if there is an underlying condition that needs to be treated.

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