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Dream Anniversary Date in Chicago

My husband and I have been married for 16 years, have 3 kids, a house, jobs. To put it mildly, life is crazy busy, which is not always of my liking. Sure, I thrive in organized chaos, but every once in a while (okay often) I crave for a moment of peace.

I got that moment this weekend!

There’s something so magical about writing down a goal. It makes it real, brings it to the forefront of the mind, and makes us aware of opportunities we might otherwise have ignored.

One of the items on my list of 100+ dreams was to start traveling with my husband. In our 16 years of marriage we’ve taken one true vacation, our honey moon. We had a weekend in Arizona without the kids several years ago, while my mother in law was going through Chemo, which was not romantic in any way. We had plans to go away on our 15th anniversary, but a tight budget and crazy-busy schedule got in the way.

So when I saw a deal on Groupon for a hotel in Chicago, I hesitated momentarily and then thought, “Why not? We could have a night together, without the kids, in the city we had so much fun dating in!” My hope was to plan a Valentine’s day getaway.

Like any goal, the minute I stepped into action on it, challenges started to appear. We had to complete our stay before March 31st, and between our own work/travel schedules and my mom’s travel schedule which consumed most of February, there was only one available weekend which was less than a week away.

The restaurant we wanted to have dinner at, was booked and didn’t have a reservation open until 9:30 pm. The theater tickets I wanted weren’t available for the date I wanted, etc. We ended up getting reservations at The Signature Room at the 95th floor of the John Hancock building, just a couple of blocks from the hotel and we figured we’d play the rest by ear.

Well after a comfortable train ride into the city and a funny cab driver, we arrived at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel located on block East of Michigan Ave. After my husband mentioned we were here to celebrate our belated anniversary, we received a surprise free upgrade upon check-in to a suite with a jacuzzi tub! Happy Anniversary! The 1920′s hotel was beautifully decorated with dark woodwork, frosted glass doors, marble bathroom, luxurious bed…and did I mention the jacuzzi tub? 🙂

Dinner was nothing short of a gift as well. They did not have a window table available when we arrived, so they sent us up to the lounge on the 96th floor for drinks and appetizers. I celebrated with a yummy Peach Cosmo and an artisan cheese platter with blueberry chutney. My husband had a Goose Island beer. (One of our first dates was to Goose Island!)

When we were seated at our table, I actually had to hold back my emotions. I wanted to cry because the view so absolutely breathtaking. We were on the South East corner of the building overlooking the majority of the city, the Lake Michigan Shore including Navy Pier and strange as it may sound the lights on the horizon actually shimmered and twinkled. It had to be the best table in the restaurant, and I’m not exaggerating in any way! Words cannot express how amazed I felt at our good fortune to have the weekend start off with so many wonderful surprises.

The rest of the weekend was equally romantic, and this overwhelmed mom, truly enjoyed dozing in a long, quiet bubble bath with a glass of wine and sleeping in until 9:00 am and lots of time alone with her guy!

One dream completed…way beyond my dreams!

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