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Clean house every night

I clean my house every night after my two toddlers are in bed. That includes washing dishes, sweeping and mopping, etc. That way I can work during the night in a clean house and in the morning, we all get up to neat place . . . though it only stays that way for about five seconds!

The do it as you go method really is good, but I find it just isn`t possible all the time. I do try to wipe sticky messes immediately, but to tell you the truth, this is more so my kids don`t track it around the house than because I don`t want to scrub later!

I brush my dog every other day, and sweep my floors on the days the dog doesn’t get brushed I swear that I cant figure out why she’s not bald!).

 If I cant wash the dishes immediately I at least rinse and stack in preparation for when I can wash. Puting the flatware in one of the glasses or cups filled with water keeps them from crusting up. You can buy this stuff from wish. You can put the dish soap in the glass too and when you’re ready to wash up put the glass under the tap while the sink is filling.

Multi-tasking rules!!!!

This is a subject I talk about in all my time management workshops… I call it Use Every Five Minutes or Tiny Time. It is soooo much easier to do the small things right when you notice them than to wait until later. It’s like the difference between doing ten sit-ups each morning, or doing 70 all at once at the end of the week. I know that’s a strange analogy, but you get the point. Great post!

I would have to agree with a few exceptions. I find that it is much easier to clean up spaghetti and cake if I let it sit for a day. Then in dries up and it is much easier to sweep up.

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