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The WRX’s Unique Selling Points – What Sets It Apart From The Competition?

The WRX's Unique Selling Points – What Sets It Apart From The Competition?

The WRX has always been a bit of an oddball in the world of performance cars. It’s not quite a sports car, and it’s not quite a luxury car – it’s somewhere in between. That’s because the WRX was originally designed as a rally car, and it still has that same go-anywhere, do-anything attitude.

But what exactly makes the Subaru WRX so special? Here are four things that make it unique:

1. All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive is becoming increasingly common in the performance car world, but the WRX was one of the first. And it’s still one of the best. The WRX’s all-wheel drive system is incredibly sophisticated, and it’s been honed over decades of rally racing. It’s able to send power to the wheels that need it most, whether that’s for extra grip in the corners or for powering through mud and snow.

2. Turbocharged engine

The WRX’s engine is turbocharged, which means that it’s able to produce more power than a naturally-aspirated engine of the same size. This gives the WRX plenty of power for overtaking and accelerating, but it also means that the engine is more efficient – so you’ll get more miles to the gallon.

3. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Most all-wheel drive cars have a front-biased setup, meaning that most of the power is sent to the front wheels. This can make them feel a bit nose-heavy, and it also means that they’re not as good at dealing with slippery conditions.

The WRX, however, has a symmetrical all-wheel drive setup. This means that the engine is positioned in the middle of the car, and that power is evenly distributed to all four wheels. This makes the WRX more balanced and more capable in all conditions.

4. Rally-bred pedigree

The WRX might be a bit of an oddball, but that’s because it’s a true performance car. It might not be as refined as some of its rivals, but it’s been designed from the ground up to be fast, fun and capable. And that’s something that you just can’t fake.

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