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Blogging My Weight

I was on the rooftop of a hotel in downtown LA at a book signing party when I met the woman who inspired this blog.  You know the connection you feel when you meet someone whose story is so much like your own, you can finish each others’ sentences?  That’s what meeting Kristi was like for me.

We were drinking Cabernet (yummy) and chatting about the blogging conference we attended and sharing what we did.  She’s self employed and I’m working for non-corporate (a wacky fun company with a Google-type atmosphere) but our jobs are the same: social media managers.

Both of us overweight (me more than she), got to talking about the struggles of weight loss and she mentioned that she’s been blogging her weight every week and told me I should too.  I almost spit the sip of wine I had just taken in her face.  What?  No way!  You can’t make me.

I think about my weight in round numbers.  Details stress me out.  I’ve gained 30 pounds with each kid–I’m a mom of 3–so you do the math. Plus a few more here and there–thank you non-corporate for the catered lunches and snacks. I’ve lost hundreds, but always gained it back and I’ve been at the point of feeling like so many things in my life are out of control that I can’t add weight loss to the list and stay sane.

But I hit a round number limit that made me want to die.  I promised myself I’d never get there, and in the surreal wee hours of the morning, I realized I’d not only gotten there, I’d passed it.  Shit.

So while Kristi was rambling on about her green smoothies and wanting a juicer , I wondered if blogging would hold me accountable?

Fast forward a few weeks (due to traveling and Black Friday craziness at work)…while I’m not ready yet to post a picture of the scale, I have at least made the baby-step to build this blog and write this post.  Progress! :)

That’s what this blog is about…living in a place of continuous personal growth.

Sounds yummy to me.

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