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Platform Updates – Mid January ’13

Today Modulus is proud to announce a whole bundle of updates to the platform and tools we provide.


After many requests, pricing has been announced. We even created a neat widget to estimate your monthly bill (WebproComponents). Pricing is all preliminary and we definitely want your feedback.

Auto-Redirect SSL

On your project dashboard, you will now see the option to automatically redirect non-ssl requests to ssl. Once enabled, all requests made to your application using non-SSL routes will automatically be redirected to the https version of the same route with a 302 response code.

Modulus IRC

We love to get feedback and love to talk to you guys about what you expect and want out of a service like ours. In order to keep this tradition going, we have fired up our own Modulus IRC channel with freenode.

#modulus irc.freenode.net Webclient: http://irc-5518.onmodulus.net

CLI Updates

Get Project Logs

Displays the last 500 lines of log data.

$ modulus project logs

Deploy Directory Path

Deploys a directory other than the current directory. The path is optional. Leaving it off will deploy the current directory. Feature requested by Adam Daniels (@fritzthemonkey).

$ modulus deploy "/my/custom/path"

Infrastructure Improvements

We also made a few updates to our infrastructure to help improve performance and responsiveness.

  • Load balancer performance significantly increased.
  • Database performance significantly increased.
  • Connectivity issues causing stuck deploys resolved.
  • Improved reliability of uploading projects using the CLI.

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