A Laundry List of Expenses

I’m amazed at how much money we have spent getting sucked into conveniences. The same can be said for the convenience of home shopping for foods. Most shopping stops would set us back $400. Worse, when we moved a few weeks ago and had to unplug our extra freezer, in which I’d stored all of this bulk fish and chicken, I found pounds and pounds of frozen fish that I had had great intentions of cooking but never got around to doing so.

One of the last conveniences that I think is about to go on the chopping block is the delivery dry cleaning services. He was now expected to wear a shirt and tie on most days, and since we couldn’t remember the last time we’d used an iron–or even where it was–it was time to start sending out Bill’s shirts.

Mind you, using this service is not tremendously expensive: we spend about $1.25 per shirt and send out, maybe, 10 shirts a week. However, in the course of this move, a couple of things happened.

The less interaction the better. One of the last conveniences that I think is about to go on the chopping block is the delivery dry cleaning services. I like having a check list of things to do or that are already done for each day. About two years ago we started using a local company that picks up and delivers our dry cleaing every Monday and Thursday, because my recently promoted husband couldn’t get away with polo shirts at work anymore.

Events get entered in advance, with directions or specifics in that same place or at the very least, a note telling me where to find them. I love my moleskin agenda and my Yahoo calendar that is attached to my email. Any more specific than that and I don’t use it.

Sounds like you have something exciting in the works, however. I can’t wait to find out what! I think my big problem is that I know I need something, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I know I want something computer based, since I’m on the computer so much. Web based would be ideal, but if I could put it on a jump drive that would be OK. I think I really need something that will clearly help me organize my time, set some goals, and break down my goals into manageable pieces. Keeping track of different business/blogging related projects/advertising deals in an organized manner is a must. And if it helps me with my email, even better (that may be asking a lot though). I need something with reminders…email or twitter.

If it helps me organize my menu planning and cleaning, that’s great, but I’m actually pretty good at managing the house, so it’s a plus, but not necessary.

How am I doing so far? And if you find (or make) a good system, let me know. I’m looking for one.I wish I had something that would remind me of ideas that I have during the day, especially when I don’t have something to write them on!

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